Helpful Tips for a Perfect Party

By Main Event Caterers

Top Tips For A Perfect Party

Ready to host a full-blown party after a few years of small gatherings? There’s no time like the present to plan a fabulous soiree with all your favorite trimmings. Celebrate Spring, jump into Summer, or create a one-of-a-kind event for no reason at all! A few tips to make your plan more manageable:

  1. Choose a Theme

Themed get-togethers can take a party from average to WOW in no time. By adding a creative theme to attract guests, you’ll draw many with your compelling plan. Think outside the box with fun themes like James Bond, 1980s or Be Your Favorite Superhero! An awesome theme can be the first step in a perfect party plan. Think about what guests should wear, what food and drink will be served, decor, and setting. Other fun themes to consider: Boca Retirement, Game of Thrones, Slumber Party, Food Festival and Summer Camp.

“A good theme can enhance the overall experience of an event if you stay committed to the theme throughout,” says Elyse McFadden, senior event designer for Main Event Caterers in Arlington, VA. “I did a Harry Potter-themed wedding that sounded odd but with full commitment it was a magical experience. Dumbledore married our couple, butlers were dressed in school robes, specialty cocktails were bubbling, the sorting hat told you your seat, and the cake was the golden snitch. The tablescapes were dressed like the dining hall and the overall experience created transported guests to Hogwarts and the world of Harry Potter.”

  1. Signature Cocktails

Every great party needs a signature cocktail to customize the event. Choosing a signature drink (or two) is fun and can make a statement about you as a host. Consider your favorite drinks, and maybe add a creative twist to it. Clever names and seasonal flavors add to the allure. Perhaps a cognac spritzer or classic sangria? The sky’s the limit as you design the beverage details of your party.

“The most popular cocktail I suggest is a Blackberry Smash with bourbon or vodka, muddled lemon and blackberries + mint and a dash of simple syrup,” says Tracy Toth, senior event designer for Main Event Caterers. “It’s served in a double rocks glass, on ice and finished with a lemon garnish and a colorful straw. It’s been called a Smithsonian Smash, a Hoya Smash or any number of other event appropriate names — refreshing and delicious, no matter what you call it!”

  1. Tent Your Yard for an Intimate Event

Renting a backyard party tent can add intrigue, as well as an insurance policy for inclement weather. Tents come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, and provide a blank slate for your party vision. Party tents also provide necessary shade for sunny day parties and can light up the night. Consider stringing lights across the tent for a warm glow, and include lots of candles on tables for a festive, inviting look. Another plus: A tent helps keep flying insects and birds from having access to food, which, by the way, can stay cooler in the shade of your tent.  And finally, a tent can keep the party group together. It creates an area for the event, so folks won’t splinter off or stray from the group.

“Help with temperature year-round with added fans or small heaters,” says Main Event Sales Assistant Tess York. “Clear tents can give the best of both worlds – a dramatic view of the great outdoors without the bugs / birds / weather that can come with being fully exposed. Word to the wise – check for any water pipes in the yard before digging poles in!”

  1. Hoping to have the event catered?

Keep in mind that caterers are extremely busy these days, since there is still a shortage of staff and glut of rescheduled events post-COVID. Be sure to check with the caterer as soon as you have a date planned to assure their availability.

“If we are fully committed on a requested date, we always offer alternative options,” says Daniele Araujo, Assistant Director of Sales for Main Event Caterers. “Even weddings are considering Fridays, Sundays or Monday Holidays for their celebrations. Keep an open mind!”

Enjoy planning your event, and design every detail to reflect your personality and hospitality style. Your guests will be talking about your memorable occasion for years to come!