Planning a Spring Gala for 800 of Washington's finest? Perhaps it's an Elegant Afternoon Tea under the Linden Trees at The Meridian House, or a High Falutin' Hoedown on the family farm? No matter your needs, Main Event Caterers is among the top firms for catering to DC. We have a dedicated staff of Event Planners who will work with you to create any vision you can imagine. Be it a Birthday, Anniversary, or simply Just For Fun... we will make your gathering memorable.

Creativity is one of the greatest gifts, unusual and often difficult to find. We employ ours whenever possible. Ever at the forefront of current trends, The Design Team's expertise encompasses an unrivaled pool of knowledge, and an unbridled creative philosophy.

Main Event Caterers creates an individualized menu specifically for each client, with items that are important to them. We want to make what you want. If you alert us of any dietary restrictions, or foods you don't care for, you can be certain they will not be a part of your menu. We do not have a list of items that we make in large quantities and freeze in advance, then ask you to select one item from column 'A' and two from column 'B'. We make everything fresh, just for you and your guests. (Well, to be honest, there is an exception... our house-made ice cream has to be frozen!) Whenever possible we use local sources and make our items from scratch.

Social Catering can be as simple or as extravagant as one's taste and budget dictates. At Main Event Caterers, we are unrivaled in both. From a lovely reception in a flower filled garden with tea sandwiches and an old-fashioned lemonade stand, to a Southwestern Fajita Fiesta with free-flowing margaritas, to a black tie gala with white gloved butlers, Main Event Caterers is flexible to the style and taste which will be most comfortable for you and your guests.

Our Executive Chef and his staff have extensive experience in the industry, preparing delectable meals for the most recent inauguration, as well as the political and corporate elite, foreign dignitaries, and Hollywood notables.

Not only does our fare taste delicious, it looks delicious too. We understand that one eats with their eyes first. Plating of entrees or our buffet presentations are aesthetically composed. Be it the precise placement of porcini agnolotti with a swirl of brown butter on crisp white china, to the composition of lavish and handsome vignettes of buffet items, our staff will create a tempting tableau of gastronomy.

Of course, then there is the service. The food may be scrumptious and a delight to behold, but poor service can ruin everything. Our wait staff are well trained in all aspects of their profession and are friendly, yet unobtrusive. At a backyard BBQ they may be attired in blue jeans, and at an embassy event, they may be in white gloves, but it does not matter where they are, they know that they are an important component in making every event, large or small, successful in every way. We are proud of our team and receive as many compliments on their performance as we do our fare.

In addition to the aforementioned, another notable detail that sets us apart is that we have designed and manufactured many of our display pieces, so that they are special to Main Event Caterers and no other. A rustic Tapas Bar, Table Top Stainless Steel + Cast Iron Grills, Oversized Gilded Picture Frames, Uniquely Chic Modern Vases, so many items that make our designs stand apart from many other catering companies.

But beyond just the catering, Main Event Caterers is capable of doing so much more. We can assist in site selection (an art gallery, museum, historic property, or a tent at the family residence?) invitation design, (traditional or modern?) musical entertainment, (a disc jockey or an orchestra?), floral arrangements, (orchids or roses?) still photography, video, transportation, choosing a valet, all of this as well as creating a menu intricately customized to your tastes, wishes, and dreams. At Main Event we stand ready to Create Delicious for your special event and welcome your inquiries.